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Naturally, we take your health seriously.

At Dr. Mary Medwar’s Office, We Help You Reach Your Optimal Health with Nutrition Response Testing, Functional Medicine, Chiropractic and Health Coaching.

Natural Healthcare to Embrace the Whole You

At Whole Health and Wellness, we treat the whole you. We use a range of tools to find the missing puzzle piece, solve a problem and set you on a healthy path forward. We help our patients achieve vibrant health naturally through family chiropractic care, Nutrition Response Testing®, functional medicine and health coaching.

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Please meet our team of health care professionals and support staff that truly care about your experience with our practice. We are located in the heart of Woburn, Massachusetts conveniently located north of Boston, west of 93 and south of 95. Patients travel to us from Eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

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Dr. Mary Medwar, Whole Health and Wellness Office.

Dr. Mary Medwar

Since opening her office in 1988, Dr. Mary Medwar has been providing her patients with solutions to their health issues. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Chiropractor, she utilizes non-invasive approaches to find out why the body may be sick or injured, or why an organ system is not working properly.

Dr. Medwar’s passion is to provide patients of all ages with the tools they need to get and stay healthy. She is committed to educating her patients on how to achieve vibrant health without the use of drugs or surgeries through Family Chiropractic care and Nutrition Response Testing.

After completing her pre-med studies at Northeastern University, Dr. Mary Medwar then earned her doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. She completed the master’s program in Nutritional Response Testing in 2007 and is one of the first hundred doctors in the USA to be certified. She continues her learning of current best practices at the Functional Medicine Institute and the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society. Dr. Medwar is a member of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society and International Chiropractic Association. She was the recipient of the Excellence in Clinical Whole Food Nutrition Award in 2018. When she is not in the office, Dr. Medwar likes to spend her time with her husband and son. Hiking, kayaking and enjoying nature are a few of her favorite pastimes.

JoAnn, Patient Advocate, Whole Health and Wellness Office.

JoAnn, Patient Advocate

My name is JoAnn, Patient Advocate and Nutrition Coach.

Professionally I started out in travel and ended up in medicine while working on my Bachelor’s Degree.

Personally I had several serious health issues and many prescriptions. One prescription caused a chronic cough which lasted years. Luckily a friend led me to Dr. Medwar. As a patient I saw first-hand what NRT and Chiropractic care could do for my health and the chronic cough was solved. I knew I needed to be a part of a team that makes a difference in people’s lives so I joined Dr. Medwar’s staff. We continue to improve the health of our patients and our community.

Wendy, Patient Advocate, Whole Health and Wellness Office.

Wendy, Patient Advocate

My name is Wendy. I am a highly empathic, intuitive, resourceful and committed Patient Advocate, Nutrition Coach and Chiropractic Assistant.

My career in the finance world ended by choice when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, followed by Melanoma and a very rare and aggressive form of Sarcoma. Being a three-time cancer survivor I have had to navigate my way around conventional medicine to survive.

In 2001 I came to this office to become a Chiropractic patient. My subsequent introduction to Nutrition Response Testing created an awakening and deeper understanding of how and why our bodies manifest illness and more importantly how to restore balance to achieve homeostasis. My passion for helping others continues to grow with each passing day.

Susan, Office Manager, Whole Health and Wellness Office.

Susan, Office Manager

My name is Susan and I have worked in many different fields of Healthcare over the years.

I am the Office Manager for Whole Health and Wellness. I am the patients’ first liaison to our practice and I take great pride in letting them know they have chosen the right office to achieve their health goals. I love seeing patients progress in their care. My dream is that more people listen to their bodies and take care of their health in the present time and not wait for a crisis to happen! Our office has one goal and that is to continue to improve our patient’s health and ultimately their life.

When not in the office I am the mother of 4 and the proud and active grandmother to five grandchildren!!

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What Patients Say

I originally was sent to Mary by my primary care doc because I had facial rashes that caused me to be on and off prednisone for months. The dermatologist, allergist, and my primary tried test after test for over a year with no luck. I was beyond frustrated and uncomfortable constantly from rash after rash on my face. 8 months of going to see Mary and I've been rash free for months. She helped me detox and taught me a lifestyle that has helped me in countless ways. From nightmares to acne she has helped it all! You will not regret a visit.

Nikki A
From Yelp

Dr. Mary Medwar is an awesome chiropractor. I started seeing Dr. Medwar in March of 2019 after a thorough and a meticulous examination.

I have been complaining about my back pain for about 20 years. I had tried physical therapy many times but the pain kept coming back so I gave up on physical therapy and I decided to try other avenues. Chiropractor care was the alternative that worked best for me.

The chiropractor care I have been having with Dr. Medwar made a turning point in my life for the better. At the beginning of the treatment, I was having those adjustments sessions 3 times a week and the relief I felt was indescribable, I wish I had seen her and knew about her practice a long time ago. Now, I barely feel the pain and my posture has gotten much better.

At the end of each chiropractor session with Dr. Medwar, I feel rejuvenated. Now I am seeing once a month only. I strongly recommend Dr. Medwar care. Her staff are kind and professional.

zina O
From Yelp

I've been seeing Dr. Mary Medwar since late 2010. I was discouraged that physical therapy and exercises were not helping my sciatica and sacroiliac issues, so I asked my friend about Dr. Mary Medwar. With my stretches and monthly adjustment, my back/hip issues are resolved.

However, it's for the NRT, Nutritional Response Testing and therapy that I principally see Dr. Medwar. You see, up until the age of 65, I thought I had to just live with chronic sinus migraines and bladder pain. I would self medicate with OTC decongestants that didn't work and treat what I thought were urinary tract infections with antibiotics. Only Dr. Medwar, using applied kinesiology, was able to diagnose both gluten and dairy sensitivities and certain toxins that made for a life of chronic pain.

Dr. Mary saved my life. Under her care, I made some lifestyle changes and take a few supplements that really work! I owe my good health to Dr. Mary Medwar. Would recommend her to everyone who wants to get well!!!

Donna R
From Yelp

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We are located in the heart of Woburn, Massachusetts conveniently located north of Boston, west of 93 and south of 95. Patients travel to us from Eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

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