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We use functional medicine, Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), health coaching and chiropractic to help you find the whole health you’ve been searching for.

What Patients Say

I originally was sent to Mary by my primary care doc because I had facial rashes that caused me to be on and off prednisone for months. The dermatologist, allergist, and my primary tried test after test for over a year with no luck. I was beyond frustrated and uncomfortable constantly from rash after rash on my face. 8 months of going to see Mary and I've been rash free for months. She helped me detox and taught me a lifestyle that has helped me in countless ways. From nightmares to acne she has helped it all! You will not regret a visit.

Nikki A
From Yelp

Dr. Mary Medwar is an awesome chiropractor. I started seeing Dr. Medwar in March of 2019 after a thorough and a meticulous examination.

I have been complaining about my back pain for about 20 years. I had tried physical therapy many times but the pain kept coming back so I gave up on physical therapy and I decided to try other avenues. Chiropractor care was the alternative that worked best for me.

The chiropractor care I have been having with Dr. Medwar made a turning point in my life for the better. At the beginning of the treatment, I was having those adjustments sessions 3 times a week and the relief I felt was indescribable, I wish I had seen her and knew about her practice a long time ago. Now, I barely feel the pain and my posture has gotten much better.

At the end of each chiropractor session with Dr. Medwar, I feel rejuvenated. Now I am seeing once a month only. I strongly recommend Dr. Medwar care. Her staff are kind and professional.

zina O
From Yelp

I've been seeing Dr. Mary Medwar since late 2010. I was discouraged that physical therapy and exercises were not helping my sciatica and sacroiliac issues, so I asked my friend about Dr. Mary Medwar. With my stretches and monthly adjustment, my back/hip issues are resolved.

However, it's for the NRT, Nutritional Response Testing and therapy that I principally see Dr. Medwar. You see, up until the age of 65, I thought I had to just live with chronic sinus migraines and bladder pain. I would self medicate with OTC decongestants that didn't work and treat what I thought were urinary tract infections with antibiotics. Only Dr. Medwar, using applied kinesiology, was able to diagnose both gluten and dairy sensitivities and certain toxins that made for a life of chronic pain.

Dr. Mary saved my life. Under her care, I made some lifestyle changes and take a few supplements that really work! I owe my good health to Dr. Mary Medwar. Would recommend her to everyone who wants to get well!!!

Donna R
From Yelp

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