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I originally was sent to Mary by my primary care doc because I had facial rashes that caused me to be on and off prednisone for months. The dermatologist, allergist, and my primary tried test after test for over a year with no luck. I was beyond frustrated and uncomfortable constantly from rash after rash on my face. 8 months of going to see Mary and I’ve been rash free for months. She helped me detox and taught me a lifestyle that has helped me in countless ways. From nightmares to acne she has helped it all! You will not regret a visit.

Nikki A
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Dr. Mary Medwar is an awesome chiropractor. I started seeing Dr. Medwar in March of 2019 after a thorough and a meticulous examination.

I have been complaining about my back pain for about 20 years. I had tried physical therapy many times but the pain kept coming back so I gave up on physical therapy and I decided to try other avenues. Chiropractor care was the alternative that worked best for me.

The chiropractor care I have been having with Dr. Medwar made a turning point in my life for the better. At the beginning of the treatment, I was having those adjustments sessions 3 times a week and the relief I felt was indescribable, I wish I had seen her and knew about her practice a long time ago. Now, I barely feel the pain and my posture has gotten much better.

At the end of each chiropractor session with Dr. Medwar, I feel rejuvenated. Now I am seeing once a month only. I strongly recommend Dr. Medwar care. Her staff are kind and professional.

zina O
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I’ve been seeing Dr. Mary Medwar since late 2010. I was discouraged that physical therapy and exercises were not helping my sciatica and sacroiliac issues, so I asked my friend about Dr. Mary Medwar. With my stretches and monthly adjustment, my back/hip issues are resolved.

However, it’s for the NRT, Nutritional Response Testing and therapy that I principally see Dr. Medwar. You see, up until the age of 65, I thought I had to just live with chronic sinus migraines and bladder pain. I would self medicate with OTC decongestants that didn’t work and treat what I thought were urinary tract infections with antibiotics. Only Dr. Medwar, using applied kinesiology, was able to diagnose both gluten and dairy sensitivities and certain toxins that made for a life of chronic pain.

Dr. Mary saved my life. Under her care, I made some lifestyle changes and take a few supplements that really work! I owe my good health to Dr. Mary Medwar. Would recommend her to everyone who wants to get well!!!

Donna R
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Dr Medwar is a wonderful doctor she always makes my pain feel better and is a caring sweet person thank you ?? Her staff is always kind and so professional and caring. Thank you

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Mary Medwar is AMAZING every time I see her I feel so much better!! Very professional and caring office?? Warming environment thank you

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I don't know if I would be Alive if it is not for Dr. Mary's knowledge, education and passion. She didn't give up on me when eastern medicine did. One thing to understand about the NRT is not just taking the supplements but to truly work on your program such as allergies, irritants, etc. If I have to go on the roof top and shout to the world that NRT gave me a second chance in life wouldn't be enough. Also, Dr. Mary's office won't be completed with out its wonderful amazing staff! Thank you!

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I have been seeing Dr. Medwar since January 2021 for acute asthma. Tired of relying on harmful medication and its side effects for long term solutions, I researched alternative whole health solutions. Dr. Medwar looks at the whole body- not an isolated part - everything is connected! Medicine, nor alternative medicine is not a one-size-fits all approach. Using chiropractic adjustments and NRT, Dr. Medwar constantly readjusts my treatment protocol and supplements. I can say my asthma symptoms have been greatly improved and I no longer rely on meds for long term control, but I know there’s still room for improvement. NRT is not like popping pills and hope the problem goes away. You have to have realistic expectations and commit to stick with the program. It’s worth the investment of your time and money to give natural, non-invasive NRT and/or chiropractic a try where the only side effects are feeling great and healing to your full potential!

Lisa Z
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She is a genius. Just go. Her mission is to heal you in every way. She saved my life and my sisters through her Nutrition Response Healing Therapy. She is one of the top healers in the US.

Kate F
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I have been a patient of Dr. Mary Medwar for the past 10 years. In my opinion, she is an excellent holistic doctor. I originally saw her for chiropractic treatments. Physical therapy and exercises were only making my back issues worse. After a thorough exam, which included x-rays, I learned that I have moderate/severe scoliosis which affects my back/hip alignment, gait and overall health. Although my scoliosis cannot be reversed, ongoing chiropractic treatments and targeted exercises help me to keep my hip/spine as aligned as possible. Shortly after I began chiropractic, I added Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) as I was dealing with GERD, fatigue, and other issues. Detoxing and committing to the NRT program addressed and continues to address health issues that arise. It is an ongoing process. Many times, I find myself researching valid sources online about health topics that are affecting me and formulating questions. Whenever I have health related questions, I just ask, and always receive an honest, knowledgeable, and straightforward answer...always. Through chiropractic and NRT, I have learned a great deal about taking care of my holistic (whole body) health. Dr. Medwar believes in working with traditional medicine, not against it. When I need to have traditional medicine intervene, she advises me to do so. Her practice is growing and sometimes busy, but anytime I have a question or concern, the staff has been more than helpful. My entire family has been seeing Dr. Medwar for years as well for chiropractic and NRT. Thank you Dr. Medwar and staff for helping patients to experience an alternative to better health.

JoAnna F
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My primary reason for trying NRT was to determine what my baseline was. My cousin had been using this healing method for years and had amazing results so I decided to go through the testing process to see what, if anything, would be identified. I couldn't have been more surprised at the results. At 54 years old, I considered myself fairly healthy, eating mostly vegan and with no health risks. The testing results blew me away and I immediately started detoxing from fungus, chemicals, bacteria, parasites and eliminating all foods that were challenging to my body including gluten, soy, eggs, poultry and dairy products. Additionally, the genetic testing component uncovered an inability to methylate which I am also treating. I have learned so much about nutrition through this process and have become much more disciplined than I every have been around what I put on and into my body. As part of the testing process, I have replaced all of my personal care products with safe products that I know will not harm me. I have nearly completed my detox at 5 months of treatment and I can honestly say that the NRT process is incredible! This process is clearly geared toward each individual because your body tells you what it needs. This is how healthcare should be. I highly recommend Mary's NRT practice to anyone who is looking for an alternative to standard healthcare to identify the true causes of disease.

Margaret A
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Dr. Medwar is awesome! I recommend her energy practice. I was referred by a friend and have been going for 9 months now.

Stephanie S
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