Nutrition Coaching in Woburn, MA

Nutrition Coaching: A Customized Plan to Improve Your Health

Guided Nutrition & Wellness on Your Health Journey

Nutritionist and client in a nutrition coaching session.
Health Coaching checklist for healthy eating and habits.

Our one-on-one Guided Nutrition Coaching Program is custom-designed for each patient. This helps you achieve greater success on your health journey!

In each 25-30 minute session we teach easy-to-follow basic nutritional concepts to help you take control of your overall health.

Our sessions address many basic health topics such as the list shown below and much more.

We’d love the chance to work with you and help to maximize your health journey. You can choose one or as many as you would like. We have special discount prices for six and twelve sessions. Please call to speak with one of our Patient Advocates today!

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Our Patient Advocates

Wendy, Patient Advocate, Whole Health and Wellness Office.


JoAnn, Patient Advocate, Whole Health and Wellness Office.


Nutrition Coaching Sessions:

1. Breakfast with Protein

Learn easy ways to include protein for breakfast and lift your mood, focus and energy.

2. Cut the Sugar

Learn the dangers of sugar and how to identify hidden sugars in your foods and stop cravings.

3. Healthy Fats & Drinking Water

Learn about eating healthy fats for healing, weight loss and brain power. Also, learn about the toxins in your drinking water and your best options for clean water.

4. Balancing Blood Sugar

Learn how to eat in balance to avoid the blood sugar rollercoaster and feel energized.

5. Gluten-Free the Healthy Way

Learn the benefits of eating gluten-free and how easy and affordable it can be.

6. Grocery Shopping & Label Reading

Learn how to read labels, save money and other shopping options for healthy food.

7. Meal Planning & Cooking

Learn how to save time and money while eating healthy.

8. Digestive Health

Learn how to heal your gut and improve your immune system to stay healthy.

9. Bone Health

Learn how calcium may be causing more fractures and how to improve your bone health.

10. Stress Management

Learn how stress is the #1 cause of illness and disease and how to manage it.

11. Toxic-Free Body Care

Learn about the toxins you are absorbing into your body and healthier alternatives.

12. Maximize Your Health Potential

Learn the 12 dangers to limit or avoid and the 10 healthy habits to maximize your health.

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